Tips For Old Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are annoying scars that form naturally on the skin. It is a natural result of the expanding of one’s body too quickly for the skin to stretch. This may be caused by one’s rapid growth during puberty, or during pregnancy for women. Other causes can be a sudden increase in weight which causes the belly or other parts of the body to expand, and during weightlifting which leads to an increase in muscle mass which also causes the skin to stretch.

There are a lot of ways that have been developed to get rid of scars and other unwanted blemishes on the skin. One of the better known and natural ways to answer the question how to remove old stretch marks is by the use of scar removal creams. These creams work by softening the scar tissue and promoting cell regeneration so that the old cells can be replaced. Collagen production has already returned to normal, so you can be sure that the new skin cells produced will be of the same color of your normal skin.

Old stretch marks are also difficult to get eliminated. It is advisable to treat any scar as soon as seems like rather than waiting for it to heal itself. Although there are organic substances like aloe, that are used to cure the scar, it may not fade completely if the mark has been there for a long time. If you don’t want to use too many chemicals on your skin, a better the idea is to try massaging your scars to reduce its appearance.

A special technique is required for you to effectively lessen the appearance of scars through massaging, but this is a good method to use as it is all natural and you won’t be exposing yourself to possibly harmful chemicals. Other home remedies that you can try are the use of creams with Vitamin E, applying aloe vera gel, using cocoa butter, putting lemon juice or rubbing ice over the scar. All of these techniques are widely used although these are not surefire methods to get rid of scars. Applying Vitamin E creams or cocoa butter during pregnancy may help prevent the formation of stretch marks especially during pregnancy. You can be sure that these are safe as these are natural plant products which can in no way harm your baby.

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